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Spring is just around the corner! Remember to follow the EPA Rules and Yard Regulations, when getting your vessel ready for spring launch. These rules apply not only to the boat owner, but to your guests as well. If you have any questions about any rules please contact us immediately.

When you are ready to launch all boat owners, including insurance repair customers, must fill out a launch form and schedule a date in the store office. In addition to completing a launch form, all accounts must be faid in pull prior to launch, no exceptions.

Please allow 2 weeks notice prior to your expected launch date. If you are requesting commissioning or mechanical work, please allow additional time to the required 2 weeks.

Click here to visit our forms page to download your
launch form, rate sheets, or a copy of the yard rules and regulations.

Yard Rules and Regulations

State & Federal regulations mandate proper disposal of toxic materials. Toxic waste products include: Oil, Permanent Antifreeze, Paint Thinners, and Waste Fuel & Bilge Sludge. These materials need to be collected and recycled. Do not allow them to run into the ground.

If necessary, we will be forced to stop those boat owners who do not comply with Yard Policy. If Lockwood's is required to clean up any area due to noncompliance, customers will be charged accordingly which could include charges for stone and soil replacement.

Additional EPA rules for Winter and Summer Storage Customer as well as Spring Launch Procedures and Summer Storage Procedures are listed below.


SANDING: Vacuum sanders are mandatory when sanding your vessel. If you do not own one they are available for rent through the store at a nominal charge. To insure chemical compliance with the EPA, drop cloths must be place under boats when sanding, painting, stripping or any type of work wherein toxic materials can be dropped onto the ground and seep into the water tables. When finished sanding and painting, roll up the drop cloth(s) and shake sanding chips into non recycle receptacles.

WHEN SANDING NEVER MOVE JACK STANDS! When the boat is hauled Lockwood's stores the vessel securely in the jack stands. Moving the stands causes the risk of serious injury to you, your vessel and others.

CLEAN UP: A slop sink is located outside the bathrooms in the yard. Please use it for messy clean up when necessary & keep bathroom sinks clean.

READY TO PAINT: If there is any paint left apply it to the boat. All paint must be dry prior to disposal of the cans, trays, brushes, rollers, etc. Once dry, these items can be disposed of in non recyclable garbage.

MAST PREPPING: Which includes rerunning stays and shrouds, installing spreaders, checking lights, etc. is the responsibility of the owner. If requested, Lockwood's will perform this service on a time and material basis.

Masts are automatically pulled from the shed on the Friday prior to expected launch date. If you need more time for extensive work, contact the store office. Masts are stepped after the boat is launched.

LAUNCHING: When you are ready to have your vessel launched all boat owners, including insurance repair customers, must fill out a launch form and schedule a date in the store office 2 weeks prior to your requested date. Talking to yard employees will not put you on the launch list. Be certain that your boat will be ready for the date specified since cancellations and rescheduling cause problems for all.

A Hint for picking the right date.... Most commissioning work is completed in the water. If you are requesting Lockwood's to complete any work allow a few days in the water prior to departure. Pick a launch date "Week of..." or pick a date in the beginning of the week. This way your boat will be ready for a weekend departure.

DEPARTURE: Boats launched during the week are expected to leave by the Sunday after launch. Any boat here on Monday will be charge normal dockage rates. Prices available on request.

A full list of rules and regulations are on the back of the contract. Refer to it or contact the office with any questions.


Your summer storage rental does not include launching of the vessel. If requested, Lockwood's will perform this service. Prices available upon request.

Do not nail anything into the docks. When items such as rugs, fenders, mats, ice chests, etc. are added to the dock it causes accelerated rot & increased need for dock replacement. Of necessity we will remove items nailed into the dock.

If you have elected not to have 24 Hour electric, you must unplug the dockside power cord from the box when you are not on your vessel. Spot checks are made and any customer who leaves the boat plugged in will be charged for electrical service.


Dockage fees include occasional overnight stays. Any customer who regularly stays aboard the boat will be considered a live aboard & additional charge will be due.

Direct overboard pumping of head or holding tank is strictly prohibited. Use of a holding tank & the pump out station is mandatory! A pump out station is available for a nominal fee.

If you have any questions about any yard policies please contact the store office as soon as possible at (732) 721-1605.


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Saturday 8am to 5pm

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